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No prompt for upgrade

I have two separate product versions (in my case, 16.10 and 16.20).

The installer for 16.10 was created with InstallShield 12 and is marked as a 32-bit package ("Intel;1033" in "Template Summary field") with no components marked as 64-bit.
The installer for 16.20 was created with InstallShield 2015 and is marked as a 64-bit package ("x64;1033" (in "Template Summary" field), with all components marked as 64-bit.

In both cases, "Product Code", "Package Code" and "Upgrade Code" GUIDs are the same.

In Media/Upgrades, the value for "Small/Minor Upgrade Settings" is set to "Prompt".

When I run the setup for the 16.20 version (and the 16.10 version is already installed) I am *not* being prompted.
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The PackageCodes should be different between the two MSIs. Are you sure you're looking at the right package code (that's the Revision Number in the Details tab of the MSI file's properties box)? The PackageCode shown in the InstallShield IDE is not used if in the Configuration Settings "Generate Package Code" is set to "Yes"--as it should be and as is the default. Lastly, are you running from the setup exe and not the MSI file directly?

Not part of the prompt issue, but did you change each on of the Component Code GUIDS?
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