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Newly added features get installed even if not part of any setup type.

I have an InstallScript project where I have added a new Feature, this feature is not selected in any Setup type.

I install the old version without the new feature, then I update/upgrade with the new installer where the new feature exits.
I would have expected the feature not to be installed but it is installed even if none of the setup types has the feature selected.

The idea is that this feature should only be installed if the user, runs modify after the upgrade and then manually select the new feature. (Most users do not need the new feature)

Anyone have any idea on how I can prevent installation of newly added features during upgrade?

NOTE The feature is not installed if I first uninstall and then do a fresh install of the new installed.
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Level 2

For information:
I have figured out what the issue was, the following line was present in the installscript code:

FeatureSelectNew( MEDIA, TRUE );

Once I removed this everything seems to work as expected.
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