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New user. Can't find the .msi file

I just installed the Limited Edition from VS2010. I'm a new user graduating from the MS Installer. I had used Install Shield however about 12 years ago but the latest version doesn't have much in common with the old!

I created a Setup2 Project. First thing is that IS created another Setup2 folder below the primary one. My tree is Solution:

When I build the Setup2 project I see a setup.exe file created in folder Setup2>Setup2>Express>SingleImage>DiskImages>DISK1 that's only 1.7KB.

When I execute this however it seems to find the real install file somewhere - the .msi file I believe.

Why am I getting the redundant Setup2 folder and where is the .msi file that I need to add to the setup.exe file to send to my users?
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Hello Emitchell,

I assume that you are building a Compressed Setup.exe hence you are not able to find *.msi file. To build Uncompressed Release, navigate to Releases View –> Select the Release Type –> Build Tab and then Compression type i.e. Compressed/Uncompressed. Uncompressed Release type consists the *.msi file. I have attached a screen shot of the Releases View for your reference.

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