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New Bundled JVM Not Installed On Update

I have updated our installer so that it is packaged with a new bundled JVM. The original bundled JVM was 1.5.0. The new bundled JVM is 1.5.0_11. When I run the new installer to update the original installation, the bundled JVM does not get updated to 1.5.0_11.

Has anyone else seen this problem?

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How are you adding the JVM to the installer? Are you doing any searches for JVM that could be picking up the 1.5.0 JVM and not even using the Bundled JVM!
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I add the bundled JVM by adding the fully qualified path in the "Bundle JVM:" text field under the "JVM Resolution" screen. I don't have any others specified in the search instructions.

I have seen a couple of posts about having to remove the _jvm directory on install in order to fully replace the installed JVM. Is this correct? At what point do I remove the _jvm directory? It doesn't seem possible in the PreInstall sequence.
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Go into the App Data->Launchers->Advanced View tab on bottom->Product Uninstaller->Product Uninst JVM Res

and set the 'Use Installed JVM' to False.

It may create another _jvm directory though if there is one already there as in _jvm2 - I don't know not having needed to do this!

I actually use '_/uninst/_jvm' for the install location of the Uninstaller JVM - after all, it's always being created if you use uninstallers!

We have multiple products going to the same install location so the path structure would look like:


Instead of having:

at the install location!

Hope this helps!

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I am also facing the same problem. I have an application whose version is 2.0 and having JVM version 1.4.0

Now i want to upgrade the same application to version 3.0 which is having JVM version 1.5.0

But when i do the upgradation from version 2.0 to 3.0, still 3.0 version is having older verson of JVM ie.1.40 instead of 1.5.0

Summary: older version jvm folder is not being replaced/updated with newer jvm folder.

Can any one help me?
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