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Need DIM files ?

I'm currently using InstallShield 2010 and am looking to upgrade to InstallShield 2011.
I'm installing an old 32-bit VB6 application and would like to externalise the deliverables (e.g. so that new/changed files can be maintained by developers in an XML file say).
Is there a way of doing this without paying for the collaboration pack to use DIM (Developer Installation Manifest) files ?
Note that the application does not use Visual Studio or Eclipse.
Thanks !
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Flexera MichaelU

Re: Need DIM files ?

No, this is not supported. In theory you could hand-craft a DIM's XML, but I wouldn't suggest going down this route.
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Re: Need DIM files ?

Why the DIM funtionality for XML file changes doesn't work for Installscript projects referencing the merge module containing the DIM reference?

I have a basic msi referencing the same DIM file and all the XML changes contained in the DIM are applied as expected.
Same DIM file is referenced in a merge module that is consumed by an installscript installation and everything works as expected (files, etc...) but XML file changes are not applied.

Any work around for the above? InstallShield Professional 2011
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