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My installer wont work on some windows 7 machines

Hi, I have built a 64bit installer on windows 8. The installer works fine on windows 8 and includes 3 custom actions. The installer will not work on some windows 7 64bit machines. I have looked through the installer logs and nothing stands out. When I look at the files it hasn't copied any to a folder on the C drive which it is instructed to do and in the program files folder a few installstate files are created. Can you please advise why it wont create the directory and write the files to the folder. I have recently upgraded to installshield this was working fine using the old visual studio msi project installer.
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Re: My installer wont work on some windows 7 machines

While I can appreciate your struggle to figure out a solution, you have not really given us enough to be able to contribute much.
All I know right now is that this used to be a MSI installer, and I assume it is still a MSI installer.
I would begin by verifying through your msi log that all of your components were flagged for install. Make sure the ActionState is local.
Once you have determined that the components have been flagged as local, go check the destination path for each component. Is it installing to the location you expect? If not see if you can figure out why.

You need to determine what components install to the C:\ location. Are there any conditions on these components that would prevent them from installing. Are you targeting a 64bit OS for Windows 7. I know, this may seem silly, but you did mention the install is a 64bit install. I would figure that the installer would quickly identify the error when installing on a 32bit machine, but stranger things have happened.

If you are still having problems, see if you can post a log file. Go through it and obfuscate the information that is sensitive before posting, if that is an issue in your case. Most of us here can scan through a log file in a few seconds and identify any glaring problems.
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