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Multiple shortcuts created during installation

Using a InstallScript project, I create two desktop shortcuts for the application being installed. The setup has been working properly for some time now until recently. The problem we have now is that the user installing the application had a desktop shortcut with the exact name. After the installation, there were 4 shortcuts with the same name and target as the original shortcut. The one created by the install project was not created.

The shortcut has the 'Replace existing (if found)' parameter set to Yes. It looks as it just copies the original shortcut instead of modifying with the new one.
Any ideas?
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Level 6

If I had to guess it is b/c your component ID does not match for the shortcut.
If you generate a new component ID when you update the path and then run the installer again you will end up with a new shortcut. If it matches the original it should update it. There is also a flag in the component section for "never overwrite" make sure this is not set as I think it will supersede the other setting you mentioned.

Hope this helps.

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