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Multiple SQL Connections

I am working on an InstallScript MSI package. I need to install databases on 2 different servers. I can create 2 different connections, 1 for each server, and create new properties for each one. When the Database Server Login Dialog box is displayed for each connection, they both look the same. Is there a way to change the title for each one to prompt for which database is being requested. For example "Select Local Database", or "Select Server Database".

Robert M.
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Re: Multiple SQL Connections

You can show the name of the connection that is associated with the connection information by setting TRUE to the bShowCxnName parameter of the SQLServerSelectLogin2 function.

  • Go to the InstallScript editor.
  • Select the Before Move Data category and the OnSQLLogin event from the dropdown lists.
  • Find the SQLServerSelectLogin2 function call and change the 7th parameter to TRUE.
  • Rebuild your setup.

    Hope that helps.
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