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Level 5

Multiple Database scripts in Basic MSI Project


I am creating a Basic MSI project and in the the Sql Scripts part i want to create scripts for multiple databases. is there a way to achieve it?
Currently it is showing just 4 options namely Azure,Sql Server, MySQL and Oracle.
Any approach or any sort of help to achieve this task is appreciated.:(
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Level 13

Yes. I am doing that for InstallScript MSI projects. Go to Scripts view under Server Configuration.
Right Click on SQL Scripts and choose 'New SQL Connection'. Under that add scripts for that connection.
Repeat the above for each database (SQL Connection) as needed.
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Level 5

I got your point . But will it work for a cybase connection as after clicking a new connection the database to target in requirements tab are just Windows Azure,SQL Server, MySQL and Oracle. Wont that have an effect?
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Level 16

I've never heard of cybase. You'll need to write custom actions if you want to connect to a Sybase RDBMS.
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