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Multilingual or Unicode (Premier or Pro)

We are evaluating InstallShield 2010 Professional. My requirement is to develop separate installations of our software product for English, Chinese, Japanese and Russian. I do not need to support all of these languages in a single project.

Using Pro, I have been able to export localizable strings (using the English language which is the only selectable option), convert the text file to Chinese, then re-import the text file. This appears to work. (I understand I will have to create individual projects for each of the languages.)

Is this a valid approach? Will my Chinese customers get the expected results when they install my project, even though the underlying language (code page) is English?

If the answer is No, then why is Unicode support available to the Pro edition?

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Level 12 Flexeran
Level 12 Flexeran

What you describe sounds like it should work, but we do not explicitly test it, and you'll be stuck with that manual import step each time you switch languages. By contrast, Unicode support is intended to display strings that mix code pages (e.g. to allow a Russian product name in an English installation), and support installing files (and shortcuts and more) with names that either individually or collectively don't fit on a single code page. The latter uses in particular (files, etc.) were considered central for both the Professional and Premier editions.
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