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Level 5

Multi instance install - possible to use the GUI

Here's a quick one for you - I've been asked to investigate if it's possible to launch our BasicMSI application into "new instance install" mode without using the command line, by simply double-clicking on the .msi file. This must also allow the application to be able to run in normal maintenance mode as well.

Our previous Installscript install allowed this, and they're after similar functionality.

I'm pretty sure it's not possible, but if it is some pointers on where to look would be appreciated.
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Level 16

No. Double clicking the MSI for an MSI that's already installed will launch maintenance mode for the default instance.

The only way to install a new MSI instance is to pass the MSINEWINSTANCE property and set the TRANSFORMS property to the name of the embedded transform inside the MSI for the additional MSI. This is what Setup.EXE is doing for you.

Details are at:

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Level 5

That's what I thought - thanks Chris 🙂
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