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Multi Disk with more than 5 languages creates 129 Error


when using more than 5 languages and have multiples disks installshields creates while builing "disk 1 to small - 129". Even when using a fresh project with no other support files or skins the error appears.

We have tested this behaviour on various PCs and can reproduce it...

Only the media type "Network Image" works with 9 languages and multiple disks however the size of the disks is too big.

So is there a workaround for the issue or is there a possibility to change the size of a disak from "Network Image"?

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Flexera Alumni

Hi Daejwitt,

You can use "Custom" as Media type and 'Custom' as Disk Spanning options from Release Wizard.  

Media type "Custom" can  work with multiple languages and multiple disks.


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