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More Fun with Suite - Maybe a New Feature Request for Flexera

I am including several InstallScript MSI projects in a Suite project. I would like to be able to run 2 or 3 types of installations:
1. Default - pass commonly used parameters on CMD line to package using response file
2. Custom - allow user to enter input for each package (as it does now)
3. Current Configuration - gather parameters from current installation (I will do that) and pass those parameters on CMD line to package using same response file as above.

The above would apply to all packages in the Suite. I said 2 or 3 because there will only be 2 choices but the behavior of the 'Default' choice would vary (first time install/upgrade) I could use Radio buttons as follows
First time install choices
1. Default (commonly used configuration parameters)
2. Custom

Packages currently installed
I will gather configuration options and uninstall. Then the choices become:
1. Default (existing configuration parameters)
2. Custom

The functionality is almost there in the 'EXE Silent Command Line'. That would allow me to specify an alternate command line. Unfortunately that is only used when the Suite is installed via Silent mode. Is there a way that I could change the mode to Silent after I have launched the Suite based on the Radio button selection? I understand that in doing that I would be giving up the intended purpose of the Silent mode of the Suite.

Maybe I could edit the .iss file by adding a condition on the in Operation??? Prefer not to make changes that can't be seen or modified in GUI though.
Maybe there is a better way using Events??? Any ideas are appreciated.
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Level 13

Hopefully I understand your requirements.

First, I do not have any recent experience with InstallScript or InstallScript MSI packages, at least not in context with the SUITE project. All of my packages are .exe files, or basic MSI projects.

If you have to dynamically set command line properties, then create a new project property, such as CMDLINEPROPS. Set it to what default values should be.
Then when users interact with your dialog modify CMDLINEPROPS to the value you need.

Now for your package Install properties add the [CMDLINEPROPS] in place of what you have there now. This should allow you to modify the behavior based on user responses. I do the same in my suite project to handle silent command line parameters. I know this works well with my basic msi project.
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Level 13

Great idea! That works GREAT 🙂
Thanks Dan
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