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Modify function at CustomSetup does nothing

I currently have a Basic MSI project that installs a couple of drivers based on dialog options I give the user. Let’s say:

Driver A, Driver B, Driver C

Each option is set to a Global Property that if the driver is selected gets set to install. So if the user selects “Driver A” and “Next” then DRIVERA=”install” and the component checks that condition and installs. This works without a problem, as well as uninstalls and repairs. My problem is that when you select modify and select another driver the install goes through but does nothing. It doesn’t uninstall or install any of the other drivers.

I thought this could be because re-evaluate condition was set to No. So I set it to yes on all components and then made the installer save all of my driver properties to an xml file. Upon starting the installer it will populate the global properties from what is set within the xml from the last install. However, this isn’t working either. I have run out of ideas. What could be stopping the installer from doing anything on modify? I would really like my users to be able to install additional drivers if they decide they need them down the road and uninstall the ones they don’t need.

I did use my own custom dialog for the users to select their drivers and then reused it for the modify dialog. There does not seem to be an issue with this dialog as a modify dialog since modify didn’t work with the default “custom setup” dialog either. I am also storing the components in features but this is solely so I can build both a 32 bit installer and 64 bit installer out of the same project.(using release flags) They do not have any conditions set to them or anything. I have them set as completely invisible containers.

I have tried to relay all the useful information I could think of but if I missed something please don't hesitate to ask. Any and all help is appreciated.
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Level 4

Can anybody give me anything that might help me with this issue? I am stuck pretty good here and I really want the modify function to work properly. It is not uncommon for me to miss something odvious so any little suggestion might help.

As always any and all help is appriciated.

Thank you
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