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Modify SdRegisterUser so that Company is optional

I have an IS 2010 Installscript project and I need to make the company name optional in the SdRegisterUser dialog.

Fortunately someone else wanted to do this back in 2008 but the link to the KB article is broken and searching Flexera's database isn't coming up with anything.

Can someone provide the document:

Q101169 HOWTO: Modifying Sd Dialog Box Source Files

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Level 7

I don't have that document but you can edit the dialog source through the InstallScript pane in your project. Select "Dialog Source" from the left dropdown and "SdRegisterUser" from the right dropdown and it will insert the code for that dialog in your project. You can then change both instances of this line:

EnableWindow( hwndNext, StrLengthChars( svName ) && StrLengthChars( svCompany ) );


EnableWindow( hwndNext, StrLengthChars( svName ) );

so it won't check svCompany anymore.

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