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Missing referenced dll's in setup-output

I recently tried to switch to InstallShield 2011 LE (included in Visual Studio 2010). I have some problems to get all DLL’s included in the setup-project output.

My test Visual Studio Solution have 2 projects: WPF and Setup. The WPF project have references to 9 DLL’s. All have the Copy-local-property = true.
I have added WPF primary output as input to the Setup-project.

When I build the Setup project I don’t get all DLL’s in the Setup output. But some are there. Also note, when I tried to build an InstallShield setup project on our production Solution we got some of the referenced DLL’s. Also some of the referenced project-dll’s (witch are built in this solution).

In the Dependencies-dialog in the Files-view the missing DLL’s are marked with a red symbol.

Example of error I get in the log:
ISEXP : warning : -6248: Could not find dependent file DevExpress.XtraLayout.v11.1.dll, or one of its dependencies of component DXWindowsApplication2.Primary_output

Please give me some advice about how to solve this issue. It is repeated on two computers with new solutions/projects.

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Hi Sam,

The warning 6248 indicates that the specified DLL cannot be found.

Kindly try adding the files identified in the warning message manually during the build but before the build process in the Files view.You may also add the dependent file to the Primary Output location or add a Reference to their Visual Studio project to the dependent file using Visual Studio’s Solution Explorer.

Kindly try these steps and confirm if the problem still persists.

InstallShield Support Engineer
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