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Minor upgrade problems


I'm currently investigating upgrade scenarios with chained MSIs, although I don't think this problem is strictly related to that.

We recently changed our version numbering strategy to include the full version number in the name of the MSI that is extracted from setup.exe. However, when I now try to upgrade (say) ProductName v1.1.1.0.msi to ProductName v1.1.2.0.msi, it gets partway through the install and then complains because it can't find Windows\Downloaded Installations\\ProductName v1.1.1.0.msi. On investigation, in the previous path is in fact the folder that has been created for the new MSI - ProductName v1.1.1.0.msi exists in a differently-named folder.

Firstly, can anyone tell me what the GUIDs for these folders correspond to (Package Code?), and secondly why is it looking in the wrong folder?


Ian Johnson.
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Flexera Alumni

Please see the help topics "Changing the Product Code" and "Val0007"; in a minor upgrade, the MSI file name needs to stay the same.
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