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Level 6

Minor upgrade don't work

I'm trying to create a Minor upgrade, but the upgrade does not change any file.

Can anyone see why it fails, in the attached msi logfile?

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Level 6

When running the installation, the installation says nothing about any upgrade failure, how come?

I run the Upgrade Validation Wizard and got this result.

Validator: Val0003
Severity: Note
Message: This setup will perform a MINOR upgrade of the referenced previous setup
Ref. Pkg: c:\tempur\SwCorn\SwCorn 6.3.msi

Validator: Val0006
Severity: Error
Message: The Component 'Microsoft.SqlServer.SmoEnum.dll' identified by ComponentID '{3FF64875-402A-4D5F-93F8-ABFC3DC6E77C}' is missing from the newest version of your setup. You can not delete components and still do a minor/small upgrade. You must perform a major upgrade.
Ref. Pkg: c:\tempur\SwCorn\SwCorn 6.3.msi

Validator: Val0015
Severity: Warning
Message: The CreateFolder table contains new content. Therefore, if you are packaging this upgrade as a patch, you will not be able to make it an uninstallable patch.
Ref. Pkg: c:\tempur\SwCorn\SwCorn 6.3.msi
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Level 5

Try the following

Take a copy of Installshield project source files that you used in last major release.
Now paste all the changed files for minor upgrade on the location above.
And use these files to create a minor upgrade.
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