Minor Upgrade Question

I have a question regarding Minor Upgrades in Basic MSI projects (using InstallShield Professional). Consider this scenario:

Original Installation v1.00

Minor Upgrade v1.01 (references original installation when creating minor upgrade)

Minor Upgrade v1.02

My question is, should Minor Upgrade v1.02 reference Minor Upgrade v1.01 when defining the minor upgrade, or should it reference back to Original Installation v1.00? Or does it matter?

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Re: Minor Upgrade Question

Minor upgrades are related by the fact that the product code for the packages does not change across versions (as opposed to a major upgrade which does change the product code). Therefore, any MSI packages sharing a product code but with incremented versions and different package codes are defined as minor upgrades. As such, there is nothing to reference when creating minor upgrades (if you are referring to minor upgrade items in the Upgrades view, these are not required to author minor upgrades, they only allow for automatic upgrade validation when building). If you are using dynamic file links and the previous package release setting, each upgrade package release will point to the previous built version.

Note that if you are creating minor upgrade patches, and you want to be able to target all previous package versions, all these previous packages do need to be added to your patch configuration when creating the patch.
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