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Level 5

Minor Upgrade Question

We have an IS 2010 Setup that cannot be a major upgrade.
During first install the setup displays 3 dialogs:
1. Logon Information
2. Parameters (used to select configuration)
3. Server Name (used to edit config files)

During minor upgrade the setup goes directly to Setup Resume which is normal. After upgrade the config files come out without the above server names

We need to be able to display the 3 dialogs during a minor upgrade. Is this possible, and any ideas how we can implement this?
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Level 8

Add a condition, for eg., PATCH, to the dialog that you want to see at minor upgrade. Look at the other standard dialogs that pop-up in minor upgrade. This will give you an idea about the conditions attached to them.
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Level 5


The only dialog that pops up is SetupResume, but I was able to figure it out from there and made it work the way we want.
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