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Minor Upgrade Disable Message

Hi all,
I have an InstallShield 2016 InstallScript MSI project.

From the Upgrades view, I have selected the 'Disable' option for Minor Upgrades.
This way if a version of product is currently installed then InstallShield will display a message box
with the below text and not allow the installation to continue:

"Another version of this product is already installed. Installation of this
version cannot continue. To configure or remove existing version of
this product, use Add/Remove Programs on the Control Panel.

Above text is coming from InstallShield.

Question is, can InstallShield display the product name instead of the guid ?
Because in Add/Remove programs, you see product names and not guid.
Can we customize this text ?

Please advise.
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Level 6

Folks, anyone know how to customize this message?
InstallShield displaying instead of product name is cryptic.
Also, Add/Remove programs is not longer called Add/Remove programs since a long time.

If it is not possible to customize this message, what are some other options to tell the user
to uninstall an existing version before installing the current one?
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