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Merge Module installs service and will not uninstall

I have a Basic MSI project that incorporates a merge module. The merge module installs a few dlls and adds and starts a service. The install seems to work fine.
When I un-install, the service and associated files are not removed.
I have seen other posts that indicate they are having issues with stopping and uninstalling services during uninstall. I think this may be related other than the fact that it is my merge module that is adding and starting the service.
Do custom actions need to be performed that are not performed by default to remove the service and files?
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If the merge module provides custom action for you to install/uninstall service, you need insert these custom action to your main installation execute sequence.

Hope that helps.
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Level 10

Did you set the Control NT Services settings on the component that installs the service to stop and delete on uninstall (in Advanced Settings on the component)? You shouldn't have to create custom actions for this, if you are using the built-in tables.
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