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Manually replace a key file laid down by MSI

I have an Basic MSI that installed a number of DLLs on a target server. We are now attempting to manually replace one of those DLLs, but self-repair replaces it back to the originally-installed copy of the DLL. Are we SOL in our need to fix the DLL manually?

I found this it true that this is simply the end of the discussion?

I see lots of work-arounds on the Symantec site for Wise-built packages...
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Its not about what IDE you use to package the MSI. Its about how the Windows Installer Engine reacts to situations. If it detects keyfile missing from a component, it will repair and replace the keyfile.

We can tweak the registry if we understand the various schemes that Installer Engine employs to obscure install data from users(COMPONENT GUIDs and their storage mechanism etc...). But can we be ever sure of what all we might be breaking?
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