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Make Prerequisite User Selectable through GUI (eg: checkboxes)

I am trying to build an installer using InstallShield 2021. My installer has some prerequisites that need to installed optionally (i.e.: user can select whether he wants to install or skip installation)
Now, I know that Prerequisite Editor provides for 'The prerequisite may be optionally skipped by the user' setting in the Behavior tab, but this displays a dialog box during actual installation(just before the prerequisite is supposed to be installed).I don't want this from a UI perspective.

Is there a way in InstallShield to take user's selection input in a GUI element(like checkbox) and save that response in a property, and access that property in Prerequisite Editor to check whether the prerequisite needs to be installed or not?

P.S.: I know how we can save user's response in a property. It is the accessing the property in Prerequisite Editor part that I am unable to figure out.

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Revenera Moderator Revenera Moderator
Revenera Moderator

Hi -
I think the blocker here would be that prerequisites are launched before the MSI, and there is no functionality within Installshield to edit the dialogs prior to MSI within a BASIC MSI project.

One option is use a Suite Project instead - by assigning each prerequisite to their own feature within the Suite Project and using the feature setting: Allow UI Selection Change = Yes"

During installation, if the user is given 2 setup type options:
Complete: All program features will be installed.

Custom: Choose which program features you want installed.

If the user selects "Custom" they are presented with a checkbox list to choose which features to select. You can of course change the feature names in the project to anything you need.


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