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Major upgrade uninstallation issue.


I have a product where it grabs the latest installer I made and auto updates itself by downloading and running the latest installer.

I did through InstallShield a ‘Major’ upgrade by changing all MSI code’s except UPGRADE code.

I can verify that the installation was successful as the add/remove entry program version is changed, the files are updated, and the log’s (%tmp% windows installer logs) say it was complete.

When uninstalling through add/remove control panel, it completes the uninstall; however, the entry is still visible and when uninstalling for a second time, it says the product does not exist anymore. After the first uninstall, the directories still exist, the reg keys and subkeys still exist, it seems that the uninstallation did not work.

Does anyone have idea’s on how to fix this, much is appreciated.
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bump, anyone?
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