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Major upgrade not copying all files

I have a basic setup that installs 5 windows services using major upgrade, the setup used to work fine until recently the upgrade started not to function correctly...

The setup works fine during clean installation, however when doing a major upgrade only 3 services gets installed while the remaining 2 don't, this is mainly happening because service executable (service.exe) and its corresponding (service.exe.config) are not copied to the installation directory.

The major upgrade seems to correctly uninstall all files and services successfully, however the installation/upgrade is missing the executable and configuration for two services.

Any idea what is happening here or where to troubleshoot? It used to work fine for around 10 releases, not sure what changed to break the process like that.
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Level 4

Looks like I figured it out! This was in the log...

MSI (c) (CC:3C) [16:39:04:321]: Disallowing installation of component: {61140C98-E88F-4810-98B9-156D169DE015} since the same component with higher versioned keyfile exists

Which led me to this

Answer: The resolution for this would either be to mark the file as 'Always Overwrite', or to manually change the version of the file, in the case that it is versioned.
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