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Major Upgrade on 64bit systems


I've 2 InstallScript projects creating installers for two version of my software (e.g. v1 and v2).
On my old 32bit PC I had no problem in performing major upgrade (I installed the v1 than I launched the installer for v2 and it uninstalled the v1 than installed the v2 correctly).
Now on my new 64 bit PC I noticed that performing the same major upgrade the process of uninstalling v1 terminates and the v2 is installed BUT in the "Control Panel" -> "Add/Remove programs" I see both the v1 and v2 icons.

Does someone know why?
Does it exist a workaround?

Thank you
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Level 2

I have the same kind of problem with IS2008. In may case this problem is for all the setups developed and already delivered. The solution seams to remove the entry manually 😞 after installation of the new major upgrade version.

The problem doesn't happen when you remove the previous setup manually from Control Pannel before install new setup....

PS: i try with IS2010 and the problem seams solved, but with IS2010 if you upgrade a setup developed with a previous version of IS the problem still remain... and you need to remove the entry manually. 😞
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Your problem could be more than just an installation issue. For instance you might want to make sure you are differentiating 32bit vs. 64bit registry entries:

For instance in some situation I get my installed directory from the registry:

RegisteredInstalledDirectory = "";
if (SYSINFO.bIsWow64) then
folder = "SOFTWARE\\Wow6432Node\\myCompany\\myProduct";
folder = "SOFTWARE\\myCompany\\myProduct";

key = "InstallLocation";
size = -1;

if (RegDBGetKeyValueEx (folder, key, type, value, size) < 0) then
WriteLog("RegDBGetKeyValueEx failed for InstallLocation.");
StringTrimRight(RegisteredInstalledDirectory , value);

There are some other things you have to consider. Can you possibly run your setup.exe and generate a log?
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