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MSVCR120.dll Missing

I just built a new version of our installation package, and went to install it on both a Windows 7 and Windows Server 2012 system.

In both cases, when I went to launch our application, Windows complained that it was missing the MSVCR120.dll file.

This DLL is not part of our build, and it looks OS related, but is there something special that now needs to be done with our installation package, so this error will not show up?

Thanks in advance!

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MSVCR120.dll is part of the Microsoft Visual C/C++ Library.

Is Installshield throwing this error os is the error coming from your app?

If IS is doing it I would think this is a big problem. The 2012 C Runtime can not be installed on systems that are older than Vista.

I do believe IS2013 supports deploying to XP systems still but these two things would be mutually exclusive. The more likely behavior is that your app is throwing these errors and you have a new dependency from moving to VS2012 or having a new project and your developers not paying attention to their project settings.
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