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MSI update

Hi All,
I have a big problem with update. I have setup.exe that was created 1 year ago but I don't have the appropriate InstalShield Project.

Now, I have to make new MSI update (new project) for this setup.exe. The MSI update must automatically uninstall previous programme (setup.exe) and then it must install new version (MSI update) of the programme.

I don't know what is important in the project for right function (product code, upgrade code, ... ???) ? Also I don't know if it is possible?

Thank you for all advices!
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Level 7

That's fairly straight forward. You should be able to open the older MSI directly using installshield. For what you want, you shouldn't need the original project file.

To start from a clean slate, it's best if your package code, product code and upgrade code differ from any of those in the previous msi. Then in the upgrade table, add the upgradecode from the previous installation. If you specify the attributes column as 256 then this will do a complete uninstall before installing yours.

Hope this helps 🙂
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Level 3

Thank's for advice! But there is problem with previsous instalation. It was SETUP.EXE but no MSI. And I don't know if I can make update with MSI or only with EXE file?
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Level 8

if you need to get the information out of the MSI that is embedded within the setup.exe you can try doing an administrative install to uncompress the files.

If I recall correctly this can be done with the "setup.exe -a" command from the commandline.

Then you can use Orca, or Installshield to examine the msi and get the upgrade code from the old one so that the new one can be flagged as a replacement for the old.
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