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MSI uninstall creates bluescreen

I'm getting better with time with Installshield and creating MSI but recently i've been working on a MSI that has been created couple years ago by a colleague that does not work here anymore.
Long story short, when I'm running the uninstall of the product, it tries to access certain registry key like HKLM\SYStem\Currentcontrolset which has nothing to do with the product itself and tries to delete the whole tree.
I'm a bit lost on where to look at in Installshield to prevent this action in the uninstall process.
Can somebody give me some directions ? Thanks in advance
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Level 11

Sounds like this:


They broke the HTML table in the latest KB article, though. Ignore that broken rowspan tag.

Gist of it is: the older COM Extraction would include a root level key if some *.dll's, *.ocx, etc. touch the key for some reason, but otherwise don't write anything to it. You can manually tweak an already built MSI file to fix this, or you can rebuild it with a newer InstallShield to see if the new filters correct it.
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