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MSI package does not install all files

Hi Community,

we changed our Installer Package from WISE Installer to InstallShield 2012.

The WISE Install Package does not add an entry in "Programs and Features", but InstallShield does.

When the user installs an IS MSI and there was already a WISE installation the IS MSI only installs the executable. Note: The files existed in this environment. The files were older than the files in the MSI package. When the user updates to a newer version of the product, the files are updated correctly. When there was no installation of WISE before, the MSI package installs the files correct too.

Project type: Basic MSI Project

What is the problem? Can anybody help?

Thanks in advance
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Write verbose MSI Log

I would write a verbose MSI Log of the installation and look at the entries around MigrateFeatureStates and InstallValidate. Normally you will get there a hint why a component is installed or not. It can also be that the setting Shared = True of the InstallShield components is making trrouble.

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Flexera beginner

Re: MSI package does not install all files

Add RemoveFile table entries for each of the files in question, set their InstallMode=1 (on install), link them to a new component that only runs when a Wise Install is detected. You will have to work out a way to detect that - run a System Search entry for a Wise specific file or registry entry and set a flag.

Here's a registry entry that I once used to get the directory folder of the previous Wise Install, the resulting variable can be used as a flag I believe, but I had to later parse this to remove "remove.exe" from the path to use it how I wanted to:

"UninstallString" at HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\

You will also have to add a RemoveRegistry entry for the above or it will fire for every future upgrade.
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