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MSI file shows a file version # of '0' for DLL

2021 R2 - Basic MSI

Some .DLL files, in the .MSI file, have a version of '0'. In windows explorer, properties of a file, details, I can see 17.12.08 as the version, yet when editing\viewing the .MSI file with InstallShield, direct editor, files, that .dll has a version of '0'.

I am not sure what Installshield looks at in a .dll to determine what the version is, does anyone know? These are .Net .DLLs.

A Major upgrade is not putting down these lower\0 version files.

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Level 6

Version information is stored in DLLs in two formats: numerical and string. Windows Installer (and InstallShield) use the numerical version. Explorer shows the text version.

Stefan Krueger /
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