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MSI File is missing

I have created a Basic MSI project with single .exe output. When i run the exe it extracts .MSI to windows temporary folder and installs it.

After installing if I delete any file installed by this seutp (this is one testcase by our client) and try to use that file from my application "Windows Installer service" opening a repair window to copy deleted file.

The problem is it is prompting for .MSI file which we don't have? (We have .EXE)

Wat could be the problem?

Guys we are in the stage of final release... please throw some light on my problem... 🙂
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I think the .MSI that it's prompting for is the file that was extracted to windows temporary folder.

I believe you can choose to cache the extracted setup files in the folder where they extract to. It leaves more on the user machine but will then support the repair process.

I think it's an option during build time/releases screen.
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Level 3

hey thanks 🙂 problem solved.. 🙂
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