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MSI Engine Version questions

I am creating Basic MSI installs using InstallShield 2010 on a XP machine to install software on Windows 7 machines. The MSI version installed on my XP box is 4.5.

I'm creating both Network and CD ROM installers. In the build wizard, I'm compressing all files which compresses all files for the network install into Setup.exe and seperates the MSI and .cab files for the CD rom install.

Do I need to include the MSI in the installation launcher - Setup.exe?

If I do, then I only get to choose version 3.1 or 2.0 (best fit for system)

If I don't will the version present on the target machine run?

What version actually gets run during the install on the W7 machines?

I seem to be installing per user even though I have the show per user option set to no and the alluser property is set to one.

I have never been clear as to what needs to be set for a per machine install on Windows 7.
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Level 17

Windows 7 was released with Windows Installer 5. If you include an earlier version of Windows Installer in your installation, it will not be installed on a Windows 7 system. To learn which version of Windows Installer was shipped with each OS version, see "Released Versions of Windows Installer" in the help.

Microsoft has not made a redistributable of Windows Installer 5 available for pre-Windows 7 systems.

If you want to ensure that a minimum of Windows Installer 4.5 is used for your installation on target systems that have versions such as Windows Vista, Windows XP SP2, etc., consider adding the InstallShield prerequisite for Windows Installer 4.5 to your project. For more information, see "Adding Windows Installer Redistributables to Projects" in the help.

For per-user vs. per-machine info, see "Per-User vs. Per-Machine Installations" in the help. You may want to check the value of ALLUSERS in the log file; that may help you identify what is occurring with your installation.

I hope that helps.
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Level 4

So based on your answer, it is not necessary to include MSI in my install.
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