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MSI Command Line Arguments

So right now I have /l*v "C:\program.log" in the msi command line arguments box under Release, but I don't want this hardcoded to C:\. I want to use the property [LocalAppDataFolder]. But when I do /l*v '[LocalAppDataFolder]\program.log" It does not work. How do I get this to accept this property?

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Flexera Alumni

MSI properties won't be expanded until the installation is running, so they can't be passed as command-line arguments (whether manually or in that setup.exe setting). Perhaps try %APPDATA% or some variation?
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Level 4

We usually do something like this:

/l*v %temp%\Installer.log

InstallShield also uses the %temp% folder to do things, such as extract files from setup.exe, so we have found this approach to work well.
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