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Level 2

MS .net framework full package or greater needs to be installed

When I create an installation package using VS 2015 and installshield on the Installation requirements tab I click yes to the option 'Does your application require any software
to be installed on the machine' and then I tick the selection 'Microsoft .Net framework 4.5 Full installation' .
However when the application is being installed on the test machine I receive the error 'MS .net framework full package or greater needs to be installed for this installation to continue.'
Should the installation package not include the .Net framework?
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Level 13

Go to Application Data, Reduistributables.
Scroll through the list and verify that 'Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 Full (or 4.51 Full or 4.5.2 Full or 4.6 Full) is checked.
Also verify that the location (right side of window) is "Installed locally" and not "Needs to be downloaded".
Download it if needed.
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