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MS Access Shortcut Bad

The program I'm installing is an MS Access 2000 format MDE. It'll be installed on systems running Windows 98 and newer. I'm having problems with the shortcuts I've asked it to install. The Target is listed as:

1. On my Vista machine, the shortcuts all list the path to MSACCESS.EXE as my Desktop under C:\Users\.... How\why\where does it interpret [OFFICE] as that path? When I set the directory using Browse for Shortcut Target, it's pointing to the correct directory C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office, and MSACCESS.EXE is in fact in that directory.

2. When the install is run on an XP machine, it errors with 1909 for every shortcut it trys to install, so the app is installed correctly, but with no shortcuts. Since I know the directories for Desktop and ProgramFilesFolder are different on Vista vs. earlier OS's, does InstallShield and/or MSIEXEC.EXE know that at install time? Is there anything else I have to do?

3. Is it possible to specify that if a newer version of Access exists on the target system, use OFFICE11 or OFFICE12 instead of Office?

I'm flumoxed!
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Level 3

How to solve this problem?

In Installshield Express if I set the shortcut target property as:
c:\program files\microsoft office 2003\office11\winword.exe
and I build the setup file, when I run the setup in a target computer the shortcut created change that target property by:
c:\documents and setting\mynameprofile\desktop\winword.exe

How is possible. Does anybody have experienced this thing.
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