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LockPermissions and MsiLockpermissionEx


I have been using InstallShield 9 for a long time until recently when my company purchased the new 2011 version. After creating the MSI with the new version of InstallShield, the software fails to install with the error:

Error 1941. Both LockPermissions and MsiLockPermissionsEx tables were found in the package. Only one of them should be present. This is a problem with the package.

I have read that Win7 doesn't support LockPermissions anymore and that MsiLockPermissionsEx should be used, but InstallShield doesn't let me deleting the LockPermissions table (Drop table is greyed out).

What am I missing?

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Try opening up the .ISM in Orca and dropping the table from there.

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That I have already tried...

Anyway I found the solution playing with In-Script Execution property of my custom actions.
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I am also facing problem, could you please let know how did you the issue.

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