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Level 4

Listing Network SQLServers

I am new to Installsheild and currently evaluating Installsheild 2008. We have requirement to show custom dialog where user have option to select Local SQL server or Network SQL server. If he selects Network, we want to display a dialog with list of network SQL servers.
How can I acheive this functionality? Should I create Basic MSI or Installscript MSI project?
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Flexera Alumni

If you add a connection in the SQL Scripts view (for either Basic MSI or InstallScript MSI projects), InstallShield adds dialog boxes and such for selecting a database server, database, and authentication method. The online help describes how to modify the default behavior.

I believe the SQL functionality is similar enough between the project types that you don't need to base your overall project type on the SQL functionality, but instead on your larger requirements...
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Level 4

I added default connection in the script view and the added these 2 lines in the script to display SQL Server list:

nResult = SQLBrowse( svServer );

It worked great! Thanks for your reply.
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