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Limited Edition, Uninstall Custom Actions


I'm using InstallShield Limited Edition with Visual Studio 2012.

I need to perform some custom actions at Uninstall. Unfortunately, of the two options available for Uninstallation in Limited Edition, only "After System Changes" is available. Also, being Limited Edition, I can use an EXE, VBScript, or JScript.

The problem is that by the time the uninstall process gets to this step, the EXE that I'd like to run has already been deleted.

How do I use this feature?
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Level 7 Flexeran


Limited edition of InstallShield does not have support for scheduling custom actions during some sequences of an installation, maintenance, or uninstallation.

Custom actions scheduled for After System Changes can modify the target system .They may not have access to files that were installed as part of the installation because actions scheduled for After System Changes run after the files in installation have been removed from the system.

It is important to note that actions scheduled for After System Changes do not have access to the active windows installer database, and they do not recognize any windows installer properties. They can only access the information that has been written into the execution script.

you may try creating a backup of the the EXE that you would like to run during unistallation at some other location during installation by using a custom action,

Then try to use the EXE from the backup location to run as a custom action and schedule it After System Changes during uninstallation.

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InstallShield can consume merge modules. That opens many doors...

An example would be to use WiX 3.7 to create a managed C# custom action using DTF. DTF encapsulates your assembly as an MSI stdcall native DLL. Then you encapsulate this in a merge module to describe the custom action and scheduling. InstallShield merges this module during the build and presto, the magic happens.
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