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Launch second installation when the first finish fails on WIN8.1

Hi everybody,

I have to make 2 different installation one following the other.

The installation order is important, the second have to come after the first.

First installation is a BasicMSI built as non compressed release.
Second installation is an InstallscriptMSI built as a single exe.

The schema is: when the first is finished, clicking "OK" on the "SetupCompleteSuccess" mask I launch an installscript function that launches the second installer.

I use LaunchAppAndWait(szMyFullPathExe, "", NOWAIT); in the installscript function.

This works fine on XP, SEVEN, VISTA but not on Win8.1

I have tried also with LaunchApplication but the result is the same.

It always return a code -1. And do nothing.

Also launching a little .NET executable that launches the installer ... nothing.

Same (bad :mad:) result making a custom action in the Execute sequence ( placed after installfinalize) that launches the script function.

Has Win8 some security stuff that deny to an installer to launch a second installation ?

1) I have two different test pc; no AV sw installed. Just Windows Defender disabled. UAC set the lowest level.

2) I need to execute some code before launch the second installation, so I need to execute it from an installscript function.

Thanks in advance.
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Level 3

Finally I've get it !! :D:D:D

Elevating the required execution level of the setup.exe of the FIRST installation from "Invoker" to "Highest available", it works also on Win8.1.

I do not know why it run on the other systems and on Win8.1 not, since the UAC setting are the same, but I've discovered the installshield program let you set the required level of execution in the Releases section ( Setup.exe tab of the release item, Requred execution level field ).
Elevating that level make the first setup capable to launch the second successfully.
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