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Language-specific Support Files not available during patch

I have noticed that any files you add to language-specific Support Files are not available during patching. For example, if you add a file under Behavior and Logic -> Support Files -> English (United States), this file will be available during the full install. However, if you build a Patch Design patch, when you launch the update.exe, and check the temp folder, you will find that the language specific support file is not there. Any files you added to "Language Independent" support files WILL be there.

Is this intentional? Is there a way to get language specific support files to be available during patch?

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Level 7 Flexeran
Level 7 Flexeran

Files in Support Files|Language Independent (or a language specific area) are streamed into the ISSetupFile table when building an MSI package. If the set of files in this view changes between base MSI and upgraded MSI, the differences will be included in the resulting patch built by patchwiz.dll framework.

I think final view of the ISSetupFile table (includes all the files for Lang independent and specific files for selected\default language) for both Update.exe and full installer should be available in the temp folder at runtime. Could you please cross check one more time.

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Thanks for your reply. When creating a small test project for testing this scenario, and making a patch for it, everything works as expected. So, clearly I have something awry in my .ism project. I will dig deeper.

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