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Label => On mouse over ?! Possible


I work with installshield 2008 with basic msi project.

Now, i WONDER if i place a label on a dialog for example (custom dialog) and on this dialog for the label i place the text => Enter your domain account :

Now when the user arrives on this dialog and put the mouse on this label
i want to show a other sentence or to launch a other little dialog for to place more information, more description.

Is it possible to detect the events on the label ?! or anything events on a label ?

Thanks for your information

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Re: Label => On mouse over ?! Possible

No mouse over events are fired by the Windows Installer that would allow you to trigger some event when the user mouses over a control. However, if you wanted to display something like a help tooltip, you can populate the "ToolTip" field for the control in the dialog editor. When the user mouses over the control at runtime, a help tooltip with the specified text will be displayed.
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Re: Label => On mouse over ?! Possible

Hi Joshstechnij,

thanks for you reply that's great !

Have a nice day
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