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Level 2

Knowledgebase does not like IE9

If you search for something on the Installshield knowledgebase and then click on a link that was found, all you get is the background. Maybe it is just my machine, but I work fine using Chrome.
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Level 3

Hi Juan,

I have seen the same problem on every machine that I have tried to view Knowledge Base articles on (at least 3 different machines). Every Knowledge Base link just gives me the results shown in the attached image.

I am able to view the pages using Firefox instead, but it is still extremely annoying because I have to leave IE9 set as my default browser.


Dennis Martin
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Level 17

To use Internet Explorer 9 when viewing the KB articles, you may need to turn on compatibility mode by clicking the Compatibility View button. It's to the right of the address bar in IE. Its icon has a broken page.
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Level 3

Thanks, Debbie. That was it. I am embarrassed that I did not think of that myself.
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