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JRE version problem on win32

Hi All,

We use IS11.5 MP for creating the installer of our java based application. In our application, we need JRE 1.5, so before installing, we should check the JRE version of the target machine.

Here are some problems we met:
- How can we check the version of the JRE which the target machine had installed?
- If the target machine installed the wrong version, how can we overwrite the existed JRE version with our required version?

Dose anybody know how to resolve these problems?

- Jacky
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Level 9

Are you talking about the jre used for install and uninstall - or are you talking about the jre loaded on the system?

If you are talking about the system jre then just do a search only for version 1.5 and if it is not found by the installer it will not install and you can tell customers that jre 1.5 is required. I think you can redistribute the jre so you could just throw it on the CD and have them load it prior to install.

There are other ways but that would be easiest.

If you are talking about the installer/uninstaller jre then see this thread:

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