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Issue of upgrade from 64bit to 32bit

Hi all,

I have two installers (32bit installer and 64bit installer), firstly, I install my 64bit installer in xp 64bit machine, everything is OK(all files are installed in program file folder), after I upgrade to 32bit by 32bit installer(yes, we have this request), everything also is OK(all 32bit files are installed in program file(x86) folder) except all 64bit files donot remove, i check the log file, i find when upgrade, 32bit installer use program file(x86) directory instead of program file directory, so donot remove 64bit files, i want to know how this happen when upgrade from 64bit to 32bit?

In additional, i can remove 64bit all files when uninstall by 64bit installer.

Any suggestions is welcome.
Thanks in advance.
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Level 5

There is some additional.
I make a major upgrade from 64bit to 32bit, in other word, when upgrade from 64bit to 32bit, i completely uninstall 64bit then install 32bit, so when upgrade to 32bit , all files of 64bit should be remove, but now when upgrade ,32bit installer donot remove 64bit files,because when 32bit installer use program file(86) instead of program file when uninstall 64bit.

Anyboy can help me out of this issue?
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