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Issue of Properties not cached on install???

We have an install that has some public properties that are defaulted to 1 that will enable some custom actions to be triggered. If the admin does not want these custom actions to trigger then they set these 2 properties to 0 and push them to the installer.

Now this works correctly as expected, but we have now ran into an issue where we created a hotfix patch (.msp) for our product that simply only has some file changes and then when we apply this patch it seems that the 2 custom actions that were not triggered in the original install are suddenly triggered in the patch.

Checking it looks like the patch simply used the default values of these properties and therefore triggered these custom actions.

So I would like to know why the patch did not use the cached value of these properties? How do we prevent propeties that were changed from default re-verting back to default on a patch/minoro upgrade?

Any help with this would be appreciated.

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Level 12 Flexeran
Level 12 Flexeran

Properties in general are not cached. Certain large subsets are (like directory properties with installed components that target the same directory), but arbitrary properties are generally forgotten after the installation completes.

Typically you will want to "remember" these properties in some fashion, for instance by writing them to a registry key and using a system search to retrieve any saved value.
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