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Issue Setting up custom errors in IIS

I'm setting up Custom Errors for an IIS Virtual Directory I'm creating during my installation.

I'm using the Internet Information Services area under Server Configuration to create the virtual directory and set the errors and other parameters.

I'm finding that some of my error pages get set up properly, but not all of them. One of them had the path to the custom file broken after C: and all error numbers under that one that should be set are not.

This looks like a string buffer overflow to me, because in an earlier build of my install, the path was different (longer) and none of the 500 level errors were being set. With the shorter path, one of the 500 level errors is set and the next one is the one where the file spec is simply C:.

Has anyone else run into this?

Is it fixed in a service pack?

If not, is there a custom action I could do to get around this issue?

Thanks in advance for any info,
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Re: Issue Setting up custom errors in IIS

I've played around with the name of the directory to which I'm installing the files referred to in the custom errors and if the directory name is short enough, they can all be set.

The definitely looks like an issue with either buffer overflow or a bug in windows Installer or InstallShield.

Has this been reported before??

Is there a work around for setting up these custom errors another way?
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