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Level 8

Is there any text book for IS 2009?


Can anyone suggest me a text book which will help me to create projects in Installshield 2009 Premier for Installscript MSI projects?

I hope you will suggest a book which is avilable in India....
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Level 8


I started this thread after seeing that post....

Currently i am using help files... but i feel its better if i have a hard copy...

so can u tell me if u know any particular book...
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Level 10

There´s no special book available that teaches you how to create InstallScript MSI based projects. InstallShield (Acresso) offers some hardcopy training guides for Basic MSI or pure InstallScript project types which you can obtain at the online shop.
There is also a bunch of MSI books available.
And a lot of information and help can be found here in the community and on some other Install related webpages like and in the help files of course.
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