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Level 2

Is there a limit on number of and / or in one condition?

I am trying to write a conditon which has a series of and and or. The moment I add the 11th condition, IS throws an error, saying invalid condition. Is that an limitation with IS 14 (2008) or am I doing something wrong there.

If thats the limitation, is there any workaround?
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Level 10

i think the limitiation is on the length of the field, not the complexity of the condition. but i've had this problem before too, and the solution is kindof annoying, but it works.

Break your condition up into manageable chunks.
for each chunk create two actions. one to set a value to true and another (with the compliment of the given condition as a condition) to set a property to false.
then you can simply rewrite the condition in question in terms of the properties that these new actions set.

good luck!
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